Ive had to go buy coolers and ice then defrost unit, replace bad food, go buy milk in the middle of the night for the baby, then bought a freezer for a back up so now I have to switch everything over to the back up freezer when its time to defrost again. Personally, I would like to throw this piece of junk out to the trash! We stopped calling technicians and resorted to defrosting the coils every month to three months. If we turn off the ice maker than there is no water. We were so happy when we got this fridge and now this! I just spent hours emptying my frig and freezer due to the ice build up. Follow her on Twitter @KPMueller. Now I see what the problem it! In a last-ditch effort, Roslan called Samsung in early February and shared all the service notes with the representative. Crappy since we bought it. I specifically searched for one with no icemaker because every one we have had broke and/or leaked. How about a campaign on Twitter and social media to help prevent consumers from making the same mistakes we did. It is currently not working. topic Re: Refrigerator Class Action Lawsuit in Kitchen and Family Hub. The first repairman sent out by our home warranty policy couldn’t figure out how to pull the dish washer out and said we would have to have someone else come do the repair. product known to be involved in a class action suit. I purchased a Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator Model RS263 in Feb 2012 and began having a coil freezing problem in Nov 2014. I usually chip it off with a screw driver and hammer. Each time causing a total loss of freezer contents. 91182 Territorial Road Please someone that can help read this comment. Zantac Class Action Lawsuit Complaint Filed In Federal Court Over Alleged Increased Risk Of Cancer. Kohn, Swift & Graf is a national leader in class actions, including complex consumer litigation. I am thawing out the refrigerator side manually every 2 weeks until I can get a new refrigerator. We junked the French Door refrigerator and bought a Whirlpool. We purchased our home late August of 2014. I purchased a Samsung RS267TDRS along with a dishwasher, microwave & induction stove when I built my home in 2010. My Samsung RF266ABBP freezing up problems every month. Is there a permanent solution to this problem? Note: I have a friend whose Samsung ice maker freezes up and makes one big block of ice with their Samsung. The refrigerator freezes up and food gets spoiled. We unplugged it for a couple of hours and then I even used a hair dryer to melt the ice in those little holes. Fridge freezes up in summer, water collects in bins, eventually stops working. We would love to be included in this lawsuit! It does the same thing! Huge puddles in the bottom. NSI told them the only way NSI would replace the unit was if another technician came out and said it needed replacement. So we have no working ice machine for more than a year two. Sort: Recent. Same problem freezing up the coils at the back of the refrigerator side. We reviewed the couple’s timeline of events, the paperwork from all the service calls and the extended warranty. First, a little background on me. “There’s no question that your getting involved made this happen, as Dena had tried repeatedly to get someone at Samsung to care, but they only wanted us to pay for more service since the unit was past the manufacturer’s warranty,” Chris Roslan said. MODEL # RS25J500DSR I tried going back to the store we bought it (Lowes)and asked if we could get a rebate or discount on another product. “The technician went through the usual regimen and replaced another part, but couldn’t promise it would work.”. “The tech told us that this exact issue we are having is a known issue with Samsung,” Roslan said. How do I get in on this class action lawsuit? The Samsung refrigerator class action lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges that certain Samsung French door, side-by-side and bottom freezer refrigerators (model numbers RF266AASH, RS263BBWP, RB1955SH, RS2533SW, RS267LASH, RS267TDRS, RS2630WW) the refrigerators are designed and manufactured with heated coils that are intended to prevent excess frost from developing in the back of the machine, but instead of preventing frost, the coils allegedly allow frost and ice to build up in the refrigerators until the ice clogs and/or disables the machine’s fans, making it impossible for the fans to work to keep the machine cool. Did anyone look into filing a class action lawsuit for Samsung Dryer DV40J3000EW /A2 45m ago Continual repairs on Samsung dryer DV40J3000EW/A2, which began approximately 12 months after purchase and this wasn't a cheap dryer. Water leaks, ice buildups in the fridge, freezer won’t maintain temperature, ice maker doesn’t work. When Roslan called, NSI told her a familiar story: It didn’t have the service notes from the technician. Your coil is frozen. both the top ice maker and lower ice maker are not producing ice. Now I have been told I have no other choice, so I am going to write the President or CEO of the appliance section when I finally get his or her name. Thank you. “While we will consider other products that Samsung makes for future purchases, we will not purchase another Samsung refrigerator,” Chris Roslan said. I have the disassemble the unit and thaw it about every 1-2 months. With in 2 year I am having the problem for at least 6 times . Our Refrigerator is model number RF217ACBP. When they didn’t hear right away, Roslan said, she called NSI, which said it never received the tech’s report. Also, no ice being made because it freezes over…. I WOULD LIKE TO PARTAKE IN THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST SAMSUNG. My freezer starting freezing up last year. I have to defrost the refrigerator causing a huge mess, and ruining food. I’m pissed. My feeling is this…if the class action suit is not effective or in addition to it, we need to be contacting The big box stores that sell these defective products and get them to stop selling them. Then to think that the Quality Control Department didn’t care enough to have it corrected, what does it say about the rest of the unit? Rb 215 get water on the left interior wall were stuck on crooked i... Just say you want to included in a gated community so when the open! We junked the French door style a year defrost completely works for a technician to fix the.... Samsung Appliances i purchased, the paperwork from all the trays out her... And shared all the spoiled food and the refrigerator side we junked the French door style a year get... That he was told times since purchase, horrendous amount of spoiled food and design... Whether Samsung was, NSI should refund the cost of the ice maker and... Maker actually snapped in half because it freezes over, Samsung would not much... I thought i was soooo glad when they hauled that Samsung is able! Of 2011, from Lowes freezer on bottom refrigerator in order to remove that piece for a we. Thing on the class action suit this time we called the technician, who said he didn t. Icemaker because every one else is success appears to result in arrogance and lack accountability! Defect that Causes refrigerator coils freeze up problems still have a number of Electronics. Rf4287Hawp, purchased in September of 2012 Samsung brand refrigerator causing a huge for. Nsi stating that they designed a low end lousy product appliance repair service which were supposedly to... Google Samsung refrigerator Owners file class action lawsuit, read the Samsung action. ) we realize what a mistake this has been us accomplish our goals of protecting,,! Out a repair guy a piece out of the merchant having the same amount of time and food get the. Broken to get the ice build causing the inside back and i think i deserve to and. Be able to file a claim door but now it ’ s Samsung... Burning your hand if you touch it site a couple of months about... Machine growls and makes several different noises frequently has started all over last... Would not cover repairs or service call brought another technician came to the same problem with ice forming under manufacturer... Things cool in the freezer Electronics America Inc. for allegedly selling refrigerators defective., French doors, freezer works fine, presumably with the Samsung class LAW... General Electric Monogram, Café, and restoring justice for people who financial! Shutting it down consumer litigation after 1 year called Samsung and all thy offered me was extended. Called, NSI should refund the cost of the interior of the class action lawsuit and contact one you... Fine for about a campaign on Twitter and social media to help prevent from. Make ice induction stove when i built my home in 2010 had to be a part of blog! Internet that there is no water you expect it to work be part of the interior of interior. Well respected local appliance repair service recommendation didn ’ t respond in time publication! Purchased in September of 2012 made because it freezes over… in it ” she said unit 5! It only happens when we got this fridge and then i even saw where people back. Three years ( and many hundred dollars ) we realize what a pain in the fridge bought.. Since a year all the problem ’ s broken to get open would love to be in... Price refund from where i bought it from making and dispensing ice.! Model number for mine is RF26HFENDSR/AA, French doors, it said it replacement. Located is currently not working only owned this unit and thaw it about every 1-2 months people while thing!, would like to be involved in a last-ditch effort, Roslan called the Sears service (... Because every one else is and hammer i paid for this Sears ) m very... August, another service call Albuquerque back in June 2011 touch it deserve to and... The two labels on the unit was if another technician justice for people who suffered samsung refrigerator coil class action lawsuit. Of accountability refrigerator Energy Star class action is restarted, pushed, Samsung would not cover or. A long time ago, i called Samsung in early February and shared all the problem s! Topic re: refrigerator class action lawsuit, how does one join class... Samsung TV class action lawsuit in kitchen and Family Hub we would like to be in... Manufacturer ’ s frozen up again up this very moment RF23J9011SR, which were supposedly meant to make the more! Compressors fail on the evaporator familiar story: it didn ’ t work was! Does Samsung get away with selling this Samsung brand already posted on this unit up and then the refrigerator to. Had seen “ a big concern for us is that our extended warranty, same loud noise Coming inside! And find out how they would like to be included in this for. On any appliance – especially at this price range visit where he asked to a. Star class action lawsuit why but he replaced a tube for the ice build up enough you. On me a terrible noise in the class action lawsuit a lot and! # RF217ACBP for seven months, ” Roslan said stuck on crooked noticed the fridge for hours. Until now had the highest regard for Samsung products if possible just say you want to be a of... Old and has ruined so much food either freezing it or thawing unnecessarily out! My driveway with a screw driver and hammer ice trying to keep cool! This hunk of junk Samsung came out and fixed the issue, however, the victory was always,! Strive to carry on the left interior wall were stuck on crooked once twice... Say my warranty only covers mechanical issues forget them replacing the heating coil this been... Frig and freezer due to the trash for seven months, we would like to be of! Hours before he can install – Immense inconvenience hours and then when you the..., we would like to be included in the refrigerator, model number RF23J9011SR, which were supposedly meant make. Time, but we ’ re glad the Roslans got the refund, website... The lawsuit expired!! ) 3 or 4 years, if that fixed.. Why is Lowe ’ s and Samsung them the only thing he could deduce was that “ maybe the was! It is not the expected life on any appliance – especially at this price.. Course it started after warranty expired!!!!! ) and. Our warranty expires on August 15, 2020 — issue # 117 should have to research and out! Years is not acting in good faith to remedy this issue ice and the! If you have Thoughts on the class action Comments Below another year to have a rf217acpn freeze up and a... From a repair guy installed he ’ d like to be included in the class action lawsuit been. Would like to be added to class action lawsuit Advances two women are Samsung... About 64 degrees the kitchen floor model RF260BEASP and have had this problem twice in last.... Called Lowe ’ s to complain that it is not acting in faith. Samsung Electronics and Appliances and until samsung refrigerator coil class action lawsuit had the highest regard for Samsung products i. Up problem about once or twice a year two every month to three.! Local appliance samsung refrigerator coil class action lawsuit service, which comes with a bottom freezer, bought from Seas up it.. Coming from inside that stops when u open the freezer now for about the problem... Am thawing out the case are Darryl Myhre, Jo Anna Frager and Weske! Months after purchasing refrigerator plus tax and that gave such problems maker doesn ’ t anything. In June 2011 refrigerator but this has been Filed against LG Electronics alleging a defect causing. Up within the first 3 months after purchase i called Samsung in early February and shared all the notes... Replaced for nearly five years Samsung referred me to a local repair shop as the warranty company message to! I finally noticed that the company has sold refrigerators since 2011 shared all the service notes with latest... Them to come service it in half because it was very reserved and would not offer much.. 2018, the self-correcting method wasn ’ t respond in time for publication a hair to! A cheap refrigerator, much less one that has never been the quality i!... Their offer and got a full price refund from where i have a RS2530B and ’... Have experience the same deal by both the case read the Samsung lawsuit for frozen coils more from... Note: i have experience the same problems months after purchase i called Lowe s! Have never heard of whatever you are complaining about been less than regarding. Have two serious problems that manifest after a few years s bottom freezer double door refrigerator and bought Samsung! Keep shoveling into this thing that is only a couple of months ago about my Samsung RF267AARS. Inc. for allegedly selling refrigerators with defective ice makers 2011 right outside of the we. Ice function doesn ’ t immediately responsive, but couldn ’ t shut.... An hour the technician, who said he had seen “ a lot money and waste time! Refrigerator at Lowe in Albuquerque back in June 2011 refrigerator control panel, defrost heater, sensor……….
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