Welcome to The Christian Homekeeper. I had planned to make glittery Christmas ornaments with them, but they took forever. Read all about Gail's pine cones here. Please read before purchase! Then, spray paint and while the paint is still wet sprinkle glitter on top to make them sparkle… Disclaimer:  The instructions I offer here in this post (and in all my posts about herbs and home remedies) are what I use personally at home. During the holidays, have your kids paint and decorate dried sweet gum balls while wearing protective gloves. A self-proclaimed rust goddess shares treasured vintage finds and how to transform them with different distressing techniques. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. So what did I do with the quarter glass vases from last week's thrifting trip? one that would really take off! I combine it with elderberry syrup sometimes. A Sweet Gum Tree I found sitting in the backyard of a family member. White! Take it outside to spray paint it a variety of colors, or leave it natural if you wish. Sweetgum balls are anything but sweet but the prickly fruit of sweetgum trees. Some will; some won't. Can you imagine making a wreath out of sweet gum balls? Sweetgum balls can also be great for kid's crafts because you can usually find a lot at once. My goal is to offer some words of encouragement and build up your desire to know Him better and to share old fashioned information that is helpful. You know how to think outside the box. They are great tucked in the tree, stacked in a bowl or stacked to form a Christmas tree with beads added for ornaments. By mid-fall, the balls are dead and seedless. Here in Arkansas, they are easily gathered. Other than that, sweet gum balls are often used in making crafts, Christmas ornaments, as kindling for lighting fires, barriers for slugs, and sold on E-Bay as porcupine eggs. Vote HERE are your winners and runners-up! Cover them in glitter, glue them together to form different animal shapes like mice and birds, or make a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine's Day. Friends are like that! I love the Lord and I love His Word. With its tall, straight stature, streak-patterned wood and glossy leaves that become vibrantly colorful in the fall, sweet gum trees are an attractive addition to any front yard. There are affiliate links are in this post. It will get all the yellowing off of your balls and restore them to new. What a great idea. The Christian HomekeeperPromote Your Page Too, The 21st Century Homekeeper Radio Show Archives. Raking with a close-tined rake and bagging is an effective way of removing the balls, as well as for getting exercise. Thread a loop of fishing line through the ball to make a holiday ornament. Most, if not all, have stems still attached. Most people want to know how to get rid of the tree, keep it from fruiting, or if you can compost sweetgum balls. Its the    fruits that I am interested in because they are a source of shikimic acid which is the active ingredient in medicines like Tamiflu®. Use a straw wreath base. I did not have any brown ones left to show you, but most of. Never even thought of them until we were cleaning out the planters, and, Chucks said, "Look at these mutant sweet gum balls!". Take care that the solution covers the pine cones entirely. Everything from a ¼” in diameter, all the way up to the diameter of a tennis ball won’t stand a chance. And make yourself at home at CHK! Sycamore seed balls, when washed and dried, make a versatile all-natural craft material. Here’s how its done: Pick enough green sweet gum balls to fill at least a clean, sterilized glass jar that has a tight fitting lid. I think dyeing them is a fabulous idea . Sweet gum balls can create an unusual wreath that you can hang on your front door or in your home. Facts. After gathering your sweet gum balls… It was once used for medicinal reasons. One of the best tips to clean pine cones for crafts is to sink them into the solution of one cup of water and a half cup of white vinegar. Wow! JOURNAL DATA UPDATE If you want a download of your journal data, please send a request to our helpdesk OR place a comment in our Journal Request Forum Thread.Journals are set to be removed by the end of the year so don't delay! I rinsed them off and stuck them in a basket on the patio. Any fabric will work, but I liked the flannel like feel of this fabric and I had plenty of scrap pieces on-hand. Be sure you pick the green balls, the brown ones are finished for the year and won’t make a tincture. Cover the base by hot-gluing sweet gum balls all over it. See more ideas about crafts, sweet gum, sweet gum tree crafts. These pods are all over the woods and we're always looking for more sweet gum ball crafts to make! However, the search is long overdue; we’ve taken hundreds of walks in our neighborhood and have run into the same patches of ‘spiky balls’ countless times. You have to keep them in a dry place, and it is helpful to wipe them down with bleach to prevent mildew growth, although I have had some keep for years without … Just like leaves, they must fall, so the tree can prep for new growth. Sweet Gum Balls/Stickers - 100+ Hand-picked sweet gum ball/stickers for crafts and wreaths. I enjoy hearing from you in the comments and you can find me on Facebook and Twitter as well. Its right up there with Elderberry Tincture and Oregano Tincture . See more ideas about sweet gum, sweet gum tree crafts, pine cone crafts. Let this sit in a cool, dark place for about 6 weeks. Please come to Missouri and take all of our sweet gum balls!!!! Finally, I filled a dish with a few Sweet Gum Balls, small pinecones and artificial orange pumpkins. If your gourds are mature enough, they should dry up on their own. The Annual Photo Contest voting is over. In the fall and spring there are many neighborhood sales where a number of residents have yard sales on one day. Sweet Gum Balls; Glue Gun; Wire to make a hanger; Steps to Make a Sweet Gum Wreath Cover Wreath Form with Fabric. . The sweet gum wood is also used for fabricating veneers, flooring, and making decorative baskets. All of them painted, but the smashed one in the corner. The American sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua) is a member of the witchhazel family and is commercially grown for its reddish hardwood.The gum resin, also called liquid amber, has a pleasant smell. Of course the standard disclaimer goes: I am not a doctor and don’t prescribe medicines or herbs, this is just what  we have done here for generations with great results. I enjoy reading all of your comments and will always answer with email. Liquidambar styraciflua  is a large tree that is valued for its pretty leaves and hard spiky fruits. Then, glue the rows together, forming a ring. This past Election Day, my sister and I decided to take advantage of our kids having the day off. Your bleached gum balls wonderful and the wall hanging is beautiful and amazing, Donna. Let's see how it adds up. Wish I had some around here! The gum balls or monkey balls are said to have several capsule-like structures, wood-like in appearance. Although you could have used a smaller font. !Danni you can send me a bag of them if you're giving them away lolXOXO, I too love the bleached look you achieved, beautiful! Make a hanger using burlap, ribbon or fabric. Find out about composting gumballs here. Oh I love, love, love the bleached sweet gum balls! Clean, beautiful and ready to use. For a large quantity of trees, you could go with either the 36" Push or the 36" Pull-Behind. I will try to track you down if you show up as a "no reply" commenter to let you know. I promptly went and collected a bag of sweet gum balls and put them in a jar of bleach. Start with a Styrofoam wreath base. Rub Mr. Clean Magic Eraser all over your billiard balls. You may have to wet the eraser a bit before beginning. Start by covering the straw wreath form with strips of curtain interlining. Magnolia Ridge Antiques and Art Gathering, Top 5 Things To Look For At Yard Sales This Year, Bart and The World-Traveling Coca-Cola Sign. The tree grows in every environment except tropical rainforests. I love them bleached - but I bet they CAN be dyed!! They look pretty bleached. I've been online since 1996 with first a web site and now a blog. Spray the sweetgum balls thoroughly with gold paint. This wreath is made from the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. If the taste is objectionable to you, you could put the teaspoon of tincture in a cup of water or even tea and drink it. After sinking your pine cones into the water-vinegar solution for 20 to 30 minutes, rinse them properly. You know I love them! Spray the sweet gum flowers until they're wet but not to the point the spray runs off the flowers. They may be available in craft shops in the North, or perhaps you can find a place to buy them on line. I have a vision in my mind about the kitchen renovation so it is rather easy to make quick decisions about choices so far. Winners will also be notified shortly. The eraser really does work like magic with little pressure. It seems to take longer for sweet gum to give up its properties than other plants. Typically, 1 quart of the chemical needs to be mixed with 10 gallons of water to make a spray. This is a pattern for all you Southern folks that have these seed pods to clean up every fall from your yard. Continue this process until the form is completely covered — dozens of gum balls later. For keeping viruses at bay, I take 1 teaspoon in a cup of hot water each day during flu season. I used them in a dried display with fungi and artificial pumpkins. sweet gum balls my grans & I use hot glue and glue toothpicks in each hole. No chemicals or pesticides have been used on these. I suggest you use a dark color since it might show between the spaces of the gum balls. I once made of wreath using them. . It will keep forever. Jul 10, 2020 - Explore Suzanne Haynes's board "CRAFTING", followed by 175 people on Pinterest. They’re cute for using in crafts though. It's pretty simple, just gather up some Sweet Gum balls which are pretty readily available in the South. The Australian eucalyptus got the name “Gum Tree” because much sticky sap came from any cuts to the bark. Dab hot glue on the form and placed the ball on top of it. you know what a sweet gum ball looks like. Yeah, I giggled a little inside at the search terms. On our typical route, there are 3 trees that bear these weird little balls. Once the Sweet Gum Balls are off your property the possibilities are endless. . I put them in a glass vase with the Easter lambs and love them. I love that you added a real gum ball to the painted ones. Allow your wreath to dry. They may be available in craft shops in the North, or perhaps you can find a place to buy them on line. I was inspired by Gail at Purple Hues and Me when last fall she bleached pine cones. Stick toothpicks with glue into the little holes, and let dry. Make some loose ones to arrange on your table runner. But be careful, they’re harder than you think! I love the brown ones for fall decor so I knew I would love the bleached ones. I have them all over my yard. Here in the southern US there is a tree called the Sweet Gum Tree. I'm not that fond of them. The American sweetgum is a native of North America and grows in most regions of the country, making it an inexpensive (usually free) source for crafts. Thanks for sharing. Are sweetgum tree balls edible? I promptly went and collected a bag of sweet gum balls and put them in a jar of bleach. Mar 17, 2018 - Explore Friends Drift Inn's board "sweet gum", followed by 943 people on Pinterest. After 6 weeks you can strain it and put it in dark amber bottles. I know I am usually bleaching bottle brush trees, but this time I bleached sweet gum balls. I've seen them before, but never knew what they were called. A sure way to kill a gum tree is to girdle it. Prepare the sweetgum balls by dipping toothpicks into glue and sticking one into each sweetgum ball. Wrap ribbon around the wreath and tie the ends in a bow. If you want a smaller quantity of the spray, mix 3 fluid ounces of the chemical with 1 gallon of water. And much better than being underfoot...in flip-flops, lol. Give me something new, and I will figure how to to make it vintage-looking. Using the toothpicks, stick the sweet gum balls into a piece of styrofoam, leaving space for paint to reach all sides. Distressing things are just second nature to me. Once you get them busted up, put all the pieces in the clean glass jar and cover the pieces with any clear, at least 100% proof alcohol. I've never heard of or seen sweet gum balls, but how cool that they can be bleached. There are also the Mini Sweet Gum Ball Harvester, the 12" Classic Flip-Up Sweet Gum Harvester, and the 18" Sweet Gum Ball Push Harvester for a decent amount of trees and land. I have to admit as I was reading this post, I was wondering if they could be dyed! You can also … The only difference is sweetgum balls drop all fall and winter. This is the time of the year when yard sales start popping up all around you. Or spray paint them gold or silver, toss them into a large vase with battery operated tiny lights & shiny, tiny balls, and create a festive holiday table centerpiece with whatever you choose to put around it. I buy the cheapest vodka I can find and use that. But be careful, they’re harder than you think! What a great idea! I have not made sweet gum tincture using glycerin, I have doubts as to whether the glycerin would be able to pull out the medicinal properties of the fruits. Our Sweetgum Wreath is a fun kids craft for Valentine's Day. From shop ... Sweet gum pods/ rustic crafts/ primitive crafts/ tablescaping / craft supplies/ table scatter/ art supplies/ supplies/fall crafts/crafts Look for my Facebook Group called Christian Homekeeper or the Official CHK Facebook page. Very cool! To use it, I take 1 teaspoon every 3-4 hours when I know I have a virus. Thanks for the wonderful shout out, too! Pick enough green sweet gum balls to fill at least a clean, sterilized glass jar that has a tight fitting lid. They sure came in handy for crafts … It also had uses for the manufacture of medicine and it’s wood is still used to make furniture and jewelry boxes. Now they seemed to be delightful and beautiful to me. Dye the seed balls with food coloring or nontoxic tempera paint … Bust open each green gum ball either using a hammer or a hatchet. Lightly spray paint them white and surround a candle or fill a jar with them for a gorgeous centerpiece. Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pods- Set of 15, Mississippi Sweet Gum Balls, Christmas Vase Filler ,Rustic Wedding Decor, Vase Filler, Witches Burr TallahatchieDesigns. then we spray with white paint & sprinkle with glitter while still wet. A Sweet Gum Tree I found sitting in the backyard of a family member. Wreath is made with egg cartons and balls from a sweetgum tree. Bust open each green gum ball either using a hammer or a hatchet. "If it takes 20 hours of labor to clean up sweet gum balls, if you figure your time is worth a minimum of $5 an hour - less than minimum wage - that's $100 a year," he said. Dry thoroughly. The spiky clusters are actually balls of fruit with tiny seeds inside that birds and squirrels snack on. This wreath is made from the seed pods from the sweet gum tree. You can use sweet gum balls to make a wreath for any occasion, depending on the colors and decorations you use. That’s right, green sweet gum balls can be made into a tincture that can help kill viruses in your body. Glue balls together in rows of three until you have at least 50 sets of them. I'm really glad you stopped by. I know I am usually bleaching bottle brush trees, but. For decor ideas, I filled a decorative glass jar with Sweet Gum Balls and orange pumpkin pom-poms for color. With the spacers we include in every purchase the Cyclone Nut Rake is the only nut gatherer you’ll ever need again. Gigi @ Old World Patina. The uses of the tree extend from structuring furniture to using it as an ornamental tree for the purpose of landscaping.
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