For sorbet, there are going to be more steps included in the process of creating the sorbet. Drain the chillies from their soaking liquid and squeeze dry. Report this Ad. Over ripe pineapple, any suggestions? Blitz a banana with mixed tropical fruit. Add the prawns and pineapple. Just trim away the very dark areas and use it in recipes or as a DIY beauty treatment. Complement your next curry with some pickled pineapple. Rachel Kelly is the Guardian home cook of the year 2013. Pineapples are truly one of the hardest fruits to figure out. Cool 10 minutes. Baking Kneads, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I often see intrepid dumpster-divers rooting through the detritus of the Ridley Road market in east London, pulling out discarded pineapples and other over-ripe fruit. Photograph: Rachel Kelly, sweet chilli and lime dipping salt mixture. 15. It could be that you forgot about it because you were busy, or it could be that you became preoccupied with something else. Bake it into desserts like an old-fashioned Pineapple Upside-Down Cake or a gorgeous presentation of Caramelized Pineapple with Vanilla Ice Cream. However, at the gentle pressure from your fingers, the skin should give slightly. Juice leaking out of the pineapple when you lift it. Add the tamarind paste and sugar. For a totally tropical dessert, try Nazima Pathan of Franglais Kitchen’s mango jelly with caramelised pineapple that has been braised in rum and spices. Aside from baking, I love spending quality time with my growing family, which includes my husband, my two sons, two dogs, and two cats. 7. Smell the Pineapple Stem The bottom end (stem end) of the pineapple is the most fragrant because pineapples ripen from bottom up, where nutrients are feed to it through the bottom stem. Petra Hallstrom of Food Eat Love includes pineapple in her spicy vegetable noodle stir fry. You used to see it served in restaurants in a hollowed out pineapple. [ Read: Side Effects Of Apple Cider Vinegar] Side Effects Of Pineapple. 17. The pineapple pickle is ready to eat, although benefits from an hour or so of aging. Add the water. Press Esc to cancel. With that being said, there will often be situations when you buy some fruit and forget about it for one reason or another. Travel forward to 21st century Britain and find the fruit that so inspired artists and architects and that was generally regarded with both joy and awe in Europe, has become so debased. Freezes well. Heat the oil in a heavy-based saucepan or wok. Pineapple also contains vitamin C and vitamin B thiamine. What you can do is spoon any leftover butter/juice over the cake after it comes out of the oven, before it fully cools. Honey Roasted Pineapple Orange juice, honey, and pineapples make up this lovely little dessert recipe, which roasts the pineapple into tender, warm little treats. What do I do with any leftover butter/juice in the saute pan? Pickled pineapple Oh, strawberries? Overripe fruit are full of natural sugar, they will be perfect for a quick bread: banana bread, ….. will please your kids! Mamta of Mamta’s Kitchen makes this lovely Indian fruit chaat - a fruit salad sprinkled with zesty mix of fragrant spices. Some fruits can be eaten while they are technically overripe, even if the taste isn’t what it should be or the texture is a little bit off. However, one of the many downsides of fruit, compared to other types of foods, is that it tends to go bad relatively fast. To pick the perfect ripe pineapple, there are a few things you need to look for. Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Cookies. Top with the hot soup. Or would you dare to be totally retro and put it on a Hawaiian pizza or in an ambrosia salad with marshmallows and coconut? If you've got some overripe bananas languishing in your fruit bowl, put them to good use with these delicious recipes. Before it reaches this stage, however, there are several other things that you can do with the pineapple if you do not want to eat it on its own. For many people, creating a smoothie is a much easier, much less time-consuming method of using up pineapple. Also, pineapple is good for a dog's digestion. Top with the hot soup. While an overripe avocado may not look the most appetizing, it's still edible (you know, as long as it doesn't have actual mold on it). Stir well. I have also read that microwaving chunks of pineapple for about a minute, allowing to cool and then refrigerating, is said to diminish the acidity and prevents fresh pineapple from making your tongue surface sore. 9. Take a look at this month’s Live Better challenge here. This will help with the flavoring of the pineapple, as pineapple is incredibly acidic, and it will also help keep the rings in place. If it is just the texture that is an issue, there is a simple way to fix that. This recipe is known as a pineapple upside-down cake, and it is relatively common in certain parts of the United States. Wondering what to do with ripe bananas beyond banana bread? Donna from Beating Limitations has created a pineapple and coconut ice-cream in memory of her beach girl childhood in Hawaii! I made a Cuban-style grilled pineapple and avocado salad to accompany a zesty roast chicken. This may only take 1 minute. Not quite! It's also wonderful for savory fare: An enzyme in pineapple breaks down protein molecules, making it a great meat tenderizer in marinades. Basically 1:1 fruit to vinegar ratio (by volume) - get vinegar to just below boil, pour over fruit in a mason jar, cap and let … Miss North-South’s wonderful retro pineapple cream tarts will bring a nostalgic smile to your face. With soup, salsa, ice cream, and more, get ready to celebrate the classic fruit in a new light. Lucky for you, there are so many other ripe banana recipes to use up that fruit. But like the other fruits, it does have its share of side effects in case you consume it in excess. So I’ve had to come up with other ideas for using the rest of the pineapple, and not just in tropical fruit salads. Stir well to combine. Pineapple is a spiky-skinned, tropical, compound fruit with aromatic, sweet-sour juicy yellow flesh and a fibrous core. This recipe is known as a pineapple upside-down cake, and it is relatively common in certain parts of the United States. Scoop up the prawns and pineapple and divide between 4 bowls. Or what about a pineapple salsa or raita? The Live Better Challenge is funded by Unilever; its focus is sustainable living. By Chatelaine Updated August 31, 2017 All content is editorially independent except for pieces labelled advertisement feature. 2 tbsp vegetable oil1-2 tbsp tamarind paste1 tbsp palm sugar1.2 litres water450g raw prawns, peeled and deveined4 thick slices of fresh pineapple, cored and cut into bite-sized chunksSalt and freshly ground black pepperFresh coriander and mint, chopped, to serve(serve with plain rice or noodles)Spice paste:4 shallots, chopped4 red chillies, chopped1 lemongrass stalk, peeled and finely chopped25g fresh ginger, peeled and chopped1 tsp belachan (shrimp paste). The base of the cake calls for pineapple rings, for which you can use your overripe pineapple. Add pineapple mixture and water. 8. Sweet Georgia peaches? I also tend to weigh up my pineapples – a heavy pineapple is a juicy pineapple. Reddish-bronze color on the pineapple. Linda Duffin of Mrs Portly’s Kitchen makes a sublime tropical fruit salad in a mint and ginger syrup. Sometimes, the worst part about overripe pineapples is the fact that the texture is not what it is supposed to be. One classic pineapple recipe can be used, even if the pineapple is beginning to become overripe. Set aside for about 10 minutes to ensure that the sugar has dissolved. Pineapple makes a tasty and nutritious addition to any diet. Leaving a pineapple for a couple of days should reduce some of its tart acidity. You can likely use up overripe fruit in some of your go-to recipes for feeding yourself and your family. Once you have found the ingredients that you want to use, all you need to do is put them in a blender and blend away. Too ripe? Overripe fruits, on the other hand, have drooping and dried leaves, softer skin and fruit that has soft or brown areas, but they are still safe to eat. Generally, when people buy fruit, it is either to eat it soon or to cook with it very shortly. Oh and one of the other things I have learned, is that you can’t make pineapple jelly. Faintly sweet. 3. Add the chopped pineapple and salt, to taste. There are thousands upon thousands of different species of fruit for you to choose from, if you are someone who enjoys growing fruit as well as eating it and cooking with it. is very juicy; and some fancy it to resemble the Taste of all the most delicious Fruits one can imagine mix’d together.” So said Lionel Wafer, the 17th century pirate-surgeon, back in the day when job titles really meant something. Add the chopped pineapple and salt, to taste. Cool slightly and serve warm as is or with toasted coconut ice cream and a cherry, if desired. 5. Despite their tough and thorny exteriors, these fruits can also quickly become overripe and begin to go bad. Your pineapple should smell sweet, but if that sweet smell has a fermented, nearly alcoholic quality, the pineapple will be overripe, too soft, and not good for eating. A rancid, acetone or vinegar-like smell. A perfect pineapple should have tender, juicy flesh, which a small amount of “give” will indicate. Because this recipe involves baking those rings, you will not have to worry about the texture of the brown spots affecting the cake at all. Enjoy! From classic banana bread to easy banana ice cream, these creative dishes will please your palate and help you reduce food waste. Want to know about pineapple side effects? They’re just calling out to become pineapple jam. Add the spice paste and fry until it takes on a little colour and releases its fragrance. But the one that really caught my eye was Food for a King’s Thai pork and pineapple jungle curry recipe. Anytime I end up with overripe fruit, it becomes a Shrub (aka "drinking vinegar). The reason why these are referred to as pineapple upside-down cakes is because once the cake has finished baking, you will flip it upside down to create the finished cake. Otherwise store the pineapple in the fridge. Essentially, what you will be doing with the pineapple is turning it into a puree. Blend to a paste and decant to a clean bowl. I have learned that pineapples don’t ripen further after harvesting, so you really do need to buy the ripest pineapple you can find. Janice Pattie of Farmersgirl Kitchen uses up a less-than-perfect pineapple to make this gorgeous pineapple and chilli jam. Peel your overripe bananas, apples, plums, peaches, berries, or pears and put them all in a pan and add a little amount of water and lemon juice. Type above and press Enter to search. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What that leaves you with is overripe fruit. You want your pineapple to be firm, and it shouldn’t feel as though the fruit is rotten or overly soft. Are they ripe? Snack on it ;) 2. Meal Mentor Piña Colada ONOs . Bright red cherries? There should be a strong smell coming from the stem end of the pineapple if it is sweet. You can choose whether you would prefer to make a sorbet or a smoothie, depending on your taste, the ingredients you have on hand, and the amount of time that you have. Photograph: Rachel Kelly. You'll never waste a brown banana again. The more yellow the exterior, the riper it is on the inside – simple. Pineapple Shelf Life and Storage. 12 creative ways to use leftover pineapple: 1. First make the spice paste by combining all the paste ingredients in a blender and whizzing up until a paste forms. Simmer until fruit has softened and liquid has thickened. If the appearance of the brown spots is bothersome, you can sacrifice the uniform pineapple rings to cut away the brown spots to continue making the cake. Then enjoy on toast, or make pineapple tarts. Interested in finding out more about how you can live better? 4. These are just a few of the ways that you can create a pineapple dish, even with an overripe pineapple. Cook over for 8 to 10 minutes or until pineapple is tender, flipping pineapple over occasionally. The pineapple pickle is ready to eat, although benefits from an hour or so of aging. Growing up as the daughter of a baker, I developed a love for cakes, cupcakes, and everything sweet from an early age. It’s very refreshing and rather moreish. If you let your pineapple go beyond overripe, it eventually starts to ferment and rot . No really, you can’t. (Pineapple makes bread moist and gives ... and floured loaf pans. “Tis very juicy; and some fancy it to resemble the Taste of all the most delicious Fruits one can imagine mix’d together.” So said Lionel Wafer, the 17th century pirate-surgeon, back in the day when job titles really meant something. 6. Avoid pineapples which don’t have any smell (no ripe) or smell sourish or fermented (over ripe). An unripe pineapple will feel too firm and unyielding; an overripe one will feel too soft. Siobhan McGuinness of Vohn’s Vittles suggests slicing pineapple thinly and bake at low oven in muffin tins for dried pineapple “flowers” to decorate cakes. 12. Cut the pineapple in half and cut the core from the centre of the fruit with a small sharp knife; work from one end of the fruit and cut around the core, then turn the pineapple over, work from the other end and push out the core. Simply prep pieces of the cut fruit in your blender or food processor, and drink the juice straight with a splash of carbonated water; or turn it into a cocktail by adding brandy, cognac, rum or orange-flavored Cointreau. Add the mustard seeds and ground turmeric to the spice paste, together with the vinegar and sugar. Also, don’t think about getting a greenish pineapple, hoping it will ripen in a few days. If you really want to liven things up, you can put cherries in the holes of the pineapple rings to give the cake more flair and flavor. I have a bad (if you can call it that) habit of going overboard every time I buy fresh fruit these days. Sprinkle over a little chopped coriander and mint. One classic pineapple recipe can be used, even if the pineapple is beginning to become overripe. If it feels very soft or appears bruised then it is probably rotten. It contains bromelain, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, along with enzymes that help to digest proteins. Stir to ensure the pineapple is well coated in the pickling liquid. Here are ten tasty ideas for using up fruits that are past their prime. Read more on her website or follow her on Twitter @MarmadukeS. Freeze. Other ideas for using up leftover pineapple: 3. It is generally recommended that you add other ingredients to the smoothie to counter the acidity of the pineapple, especially if you want to make the smoothie smooth and refreshing. 1 – Baking a Cake. A core (the original flower stalk) runs through the centre of the pineapple; sometimes this is tender and can be eaten but it can be quite tough and so needs to be removed. Guess again! 12 ways to use up fresh pineapple Shelves are overflowing with this bright tropical fruit right now — find out all the ways you can use it here. In fact veterinarians often recommend pineapple for dogs who eat their own poop. This is a “Nyonya” dish, reflecting its Chinese antecedents with Malaysian flavours. Use in a salsa: Chili Lime Lentil Tacos With Spicy Grilled Pineapple Salsa recipe 3. As always, when selecting your pineapples, it’s recommended to buy them while they’re in se… Miniature varieties have a tender, edible core. Similarly, you can also cut the rings up and use them in ice cream and other desserts, as long as you avoid using the brown spots that are overripe. If it’s starting to look a little orange, that means it’s overripe. If you like it chunky, leave it as it is or use a blender to puree it into a smooth sauce. Squeezing the Pineapple. The pineapple should be firm all over, and its leaves should look green, vibrant and healthy, and the rest of it should look good and fresh too. What is important to remember is the fact that the pineapples still taste as they normally do and that they are still safe to eat. It makes the poop taste bad so the dog will not want to eat it. Keep reading to get the know-how for selecting a fresh pineapple! And then I have myself a nice shrub cocktail on a hot summer day. This recipe is also a bit of a “twofer” in that it can be served both as a soup, or over rice or noodles, with the broth served on the side. It will keep well in the fridge for about three days. Then cook long and slow for 2hrs (this part is like watching paint dry, but it’s worth it). The pineapple should feel firm, but not too hard. Fruit is a wonderful thing. 1. All you have to do is turn the pineapple into something with a completely different texture, preferably a more uniform one. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and 5 minutes. Tip them into a blender with the ginger and garlic. Kavita Favelle of Kavey Eats makes this fabulous jungle juice sorbet. 10. Sprinkle over a little chopped coriander and mint. This should, if it all works out properly, leave you with the yellow cake as the new base of the cake and the pineapple rings as the new topping. A couple pounds will do. Stir to ensure the pineapple is well coated in the pickling liquid. For example, pineapples are a beloved fruit for their sharp taste and their unique appearance. Next, you will want to simply place the rings on the bottom of your cake pan and pour a prepared standard yellow cake mix on top. Heat a small heavy-based frying pan until very hot. Our ancestors would have wept to see such glorious fruit so rubbished. Other fruits should be avoided at all costs when they become overripe, as this is a sign that they will begin growing mold and attracting fruit flies soon. It is worth having a look at the base of the fruit too, as sometimes there are signs of mould. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but it’s way more than two people can manage to eat. The juice from an overly ripe pineapple works for drinks of all sorts and for sauces to use for fish, poultry or meat because the pineapple's soft texture won't affect the dishes. I do agree that pineapple is one beautiful fruit. Fruit is often quite healthy for you, and it can be just as strongly flavored as it is vibrantly colored. Pineapples are well known for their texture, and to have the overripe brown spots feel so different can be incredibly off-putting. Have leftover crushed pineapple after making this week's Pineapple Rice? 11. Dry fry the mustard seeds until they begin to pop and release their fragrance. Fruit also needs to be stored in a specific way so that you can try to get what little lifespan you can out of it before it becomes completely unusable. Pineapple that has already been prepared will store in the fridge for about 3 days. For the base, you will want to use a mix of the pineapple rings, brown sugar, and butter. Now it's over ripe and I don't know what to do with it. If you should end up with a very tart pineapple, rescue it by dipping wedges in a sweet chilli and lime dipping salt mixture. Would you use fresh pineapple to make pineapple mojitos, or just use frozen chunks of pineapple to cool your summer drinks? I’ve been using fresh pineapple a lot in my cooking recently, but I don’t always need a whole one. Cook section’s Readers’ Recipe Swap Tropical theme displays several creative pineapple recipes, including the winning granita recipe from Greedy Little Piggy and my own Malaysian pineapple jam tarts. You can also make coulis to accompany your quick breads or ice creams. Hi, I’m Sarah. The puree will then be used in the sorbet, sometimes along with other ingredients, to create a smooth and delicious dessert without any of the overripeness of the pineapple being noticeable. 13. Rupert Kirby of Casa Rosada includes pineapple in his Green Genie breakfast smoothie - full of good things to get your day going! A tongue-twister of a sweet and sour pickle makes the perfect accompaniment to curries, roast pork and grilled or cold meats. It can be quite a gamble picking a pineapple in the produce section, which is why you’ll often find people with confused looks in front of the pineapples at the grocery store. Bring to the boil and then simmer for 10 minutes. Before you know it, you will have a refreshing pineapple drink without having to worry about the pineapple being overripe. Cube and toss into a pan, with sugar, star anise, cinnamon stick etc. Please sit back and read on. This is often characterized by their leaves turning brown and beginning to droop, as well as the interior of the fruit developing soft, brown spots. Camilla Hawkins of Fab Food 4 All makes turkey burgers with bacon and pineapple – a lovely family-friendly meal. Can also serve cold if preferred. Live Better: Dinner Doctor leftover recipes, Singapore hot and sour soup. Check the spiky leaves too and avoid it if they are looking tatty or withered. 16. Or not ripe enough? Whole, fresh pineapple can be stored at room temperature in a cool room for two days. Simmer for 5 minutes or until the prawns are cooked through. 2 dried chillies, soaked in boiling water1 tbsp fresh ginger, very finely chopped1 garlic clove, very finely chopped1 tbsp yellow mustard seeds1 tsp ground turmeric200ml rice vinegar (or white wine vinegar)1 tbsp palm sugar (or light brown sugar)Half a ripe pineapple, cored and cut into chunksSalt, to taste. And of course, I’ll need half a watermelon. I’ll take a dozen! Once the pineapple has been skinned and the core has been removed, you can continue cutting up the pineapple as you normally would if you were making any other type of smoothie. Here are few quick bread links: Banana bread with walnuts; Quick apple bread; Banana bread with chocolate chips Stir well. My cousin was visiting last week and bought a pineapple to use in some kind of bread, but she forgot and left it here. Tropical fruit salad is a good starting point, but this exotic fruit can be used in much more, from spicy stir fries to retro cream tarts, Last modified on Tue 9 Jul 2019 04.50 EDT. Thinly slice the pineapple and bake for about 1 hour at 100C (or Gas Mark half). 2. Once pineapple is harvested, it doesn’t ripen much further. While the pineapple and melted butter are cooling you can move onto the next step. Smell your pineapple; it should smell fresh, sweet and aromatic. Don’t add the extra liquid to the cake batter, it will make the batter too thin. If the flavor is normal, you can eat it plain or use it in overripe pineapple recipes like fresh pineapple juice or pineapple upside-down cake.
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